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Enter Capital featured in WSJ for best practices in business development

Ran business development, and helped grow and automate efforts to generate constant and proprietary deal flow.

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Lynn United: a semi-pro team competing in the largest semi-pro league in the US.

Provide business consulting and fundraising advice.

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Software development training academy for digital nomads.

Launched, crowdfunded, and ran operations for this venture.

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Largest Man United supporters group in the US.

Co-founded, promoted, and grew this group from 4 to 1000+ members in Boston, MA.

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Job platform for sales professionals in Latin America.

Took the company from idea to prototype to $100k in investments and market launch.

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Marketplace that matches grad students with short company projects.

Led lead generation strategy, developed the sales playbook and initial KPI's and signed up our initial corporate partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and prestigious institutions.

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App to build better cities through enhanced government - citizen communciation.

Supported go-to-market strategy through strategic thinking, collaboration, and business development efforts.

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Up and coming new artist launching her career.

Supported Calina in content marketing, and outreach efforts to potential producers, listeners, and music outlets.

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Innovative wheelchair that improves mobility in rough terrains and in developing countries.

Worked with MIT's D-Lab to survey the market for both go-to-market efforts as well as for product development improvements.